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Shiva’s Cosmic Dance

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Shiva's Cosmic Dance

Shiva’s Cosmic Dance in the idol of Lord Natraj depicts the continual cycle of creation and destruction or the regeneration of energy throughout the Cosmos. Metaphorically, scientists equate Shiva’s dance to the dance of subatomic particles manifesting as in the turn of seasons, in birth and death of all life and as also the Hindu ancient Vedas reveal in the essence of gross matter itself. Thus Shiva as Natraj, the Lord of Dance, represents all regeneration of the sentient and the insentient.

The Chakra wheel represents the illusory but creative force of Maya which separates the Creator Brahm from its Creation, the Cosmos, with several Shiv-Linga protruding out in the form of fire representing the various elements including the five gross elements, fire, water, air, earth and atmosphere as well as the subtle elements like desire, intellect, ego, mind-stuff and so on.With one hand Lord Natraj is playing the drum to create sound in the universe and with the other hand the Lord of Dance is spinning the wheel of Maya, the creative force of the universe, thus regenerating a continual change by means of its dance of subatomic particles.

[Image shown is from CERN, the European Centre for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva.]


#1 Chandan Priyadarshi 2012-11-05 04:38
A moon-ray on the forehead, blue and pale,
Stretched a far its finger of chill light
Illumining emptiness. Stern and male
Mask of peace indifferent in might!

But out from some Infinite born now came
Over giant snows and the still face
A quiver and colour of crimson flame,
Fire-point in immensities of space.

Light-spear-tips revealed the mighty shape,
Tore the secret veil of the heart’s hold;
In that diamond heart the fires undrape,
Living core, a brazier of gold.

This was the closed mute and burning source
Whence were formed the worlds and their star-dance;
Life sprang, a self-rapt inconscient Force,
Love, a blazing seed, from that flame-trance.

- Sri Aurobindo.