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India 800’s work showcased at House of Lords

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India 800’s work showcased at House of LordsLord Bhatia and Dr Krishna Sarda showcased their NGO India 800’s work over the last two years at the House of Lords illustrating how with the help of  Science and Technology they have been fast able to reach and help the most vulnerable and the poorest in India.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011

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Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2011A multi-faith reception at the Edinburgh Tattoo by the Ministry of Defence

Major General David Shaw and his wife Verity Shaw hosted a dinner at Gogar House for some of the faith representatives where, as the Hindu religious advisor to the MOD, I was invited with my wife Dr Santosh Bhanot.

Parliamentary Ombudsman Access Review

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Parliamentary Ombudsman access reviewA breakfast meeting at the House of Commons on 30 June 2011 to review whether to allow direct access to the public to make complaints which currently have to go through an MP

If the public wishes to make a complaint against any Government department on their handling of an issue, e.g., immigration problem inadequately handled by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) or the Home Office, or a complaint against the NHS not being redressed adequately by the Department of Health, or a prison complaint not adequately handled by the Justice department, etc. then the complaint has to first be registered with one’s local MP and if he/she cannot resolve it then it passes onto the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

British Protest against India’s brutality

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British Protest against India’s brutalityOver 500 British Indians came to join a protest rally from 12pm to 4pm on 19th June at Westminster London to express their anger against the Indian Government’s brutal attack on the peaceful protestors a fortnight ago in Delhi.

The rally was attended mainly by Hindus from the temples across the UK to show their disapproval at the way, 50,000 people sleeping at midnight at the Ramlila Ground in Delhi under the Satyagrah Fast of Baba Ramdev against Indian corruption, were brutally attacked by the Indian Government who helped approve the Ground for their congregation in the first place but at midnight sent in the police to ambush the poor people, women and children and the frail old people and attacked them with long wooden police batons, Lathis.

Baba Ramdev’s Fast against Corruption

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Baba Ramdev’s Fast against CorruptionPolice lathi-charged and beat the peaceful protestors at midnight with batons and removed Baba Ramdev from the Ramlila Maidan Ground in Delhi by force, this police action ordered by the Government is the height of injustice, grave ADHARMA.

Yesterday in Wembley about 400 people came to show their support for Swami Ramdev’s Satyagrah Fast in Delhi and we marched silently from the Brent Indian Association to the Sanatan Temple and back. Sunita Poddar, the organiser from the Yoga Trust (UK),  welcomed everyone back in the hall and showed a video from Swami ji giving facts and figures on the enormity of corruption in India and according to his calculations there are hundreds of billions of dollars stashed away mainly by the Indian politicians in Swiss banks.

Heaven descends into the Abbey

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Heaven descends into the AbbeyHeaven must have descended into the Westminster Abbey as the Royal Wedding took place.

My wife dropped me in the morning by the clearance marquee for guests invited to the Royal Wedding and inside the Abbey, which is one of the oldest houses of God in the UK, the atmosphere was filled with a grandiose sense of serenity while the senses feasted on a multitude array of colour and music. It was a beautiful setting for the Royal couple whose match seems to have been made no less than in heaven itself.