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Baba Ramdev’s Fast against Corruption

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Baba Ramdev’s Fast against Corruption

Police lathi-charged and beat the peaceful protestors at midnight with batons and removed Baba Ramdev from the Ramlila Maidan Ground in Delhi by force, this police action ordered by the Government is the height of injustice, grave ADHARMA.

Yesterday in Wembley about 400 people came to show their support for Swami Ramdev’s Satyagrah Fast in Delhi and we marched silently from the Brent Indian Association to the Sanatan Temple and back. Sunita Poddar, the organiser from the Yoga Trust (UK),  welcomed everyone back in the hall and showed a video from Swami ji giving facts and figures on the enormity of corruption in India and according to his calculations there are hundreds of billions of dollars stashed away mainly by the Indian politicians in Swiss banks.

Sunita Poddar then connected a call directly to the Ram Lila Maidan in Delhi where more than fifty thousand people had gathered in support of Swami ji’s fast. Swamini Ritambra Devi ji spoke on the phone from there and described the people’s passion for this cause and thanked and blessed everyone who had come to support in Wembley.

Muna Chauhan compeered the event and invited me to speak; my speech is as follows:

Baba Ramdev’s Fast against Corruption“The 11th Demand for ending Corruption

I see there are 10 demands for this Satyagrah 2 by Swami Ramdev but I think keeping to the tradition of India there should be an 11th demand. Although the Hindus invented the Zero they never end auspicious things with a Zero, it is always 11 or 51 or 101 and so on. We always add the number one after a Zero. And this 11th demand should be to end the dynasty politics of India and in accordance with the wishes of Satygrah 1 under Gandhi ji to bring back Ram Rajya or Vedic Panchayat Raj, where the taxes should be first channelled to go to each village so that people can control their own destiny. Only then the taxes should be allocated to the Blocks, Districts and then to the State and what is left to be spent for central administration and defence and other strategies for the nation.

The Village Panchayats need to be empowered to decide on their local needs of education and health with an alliance with the state and central Governments. There should be a role for every elected Panchayat to control a budget and therefore have a say at the top level. This was the vision of Satyagrah of Gandhi ji and now is the time to demand this condition in Satyagrah 2 of Swami Ramdevji. I had the opportunity of meeting the Rural Minister Mr C P Joshi last year and they do now give money to Panchayats but it is pitiful. I was impressed with the sincerity of the Minister and his plans were promising but the villages need a much greater share of taxes to be allocated to them. As we heard from Swami ji even if corruption money stolen by the politicians from India’s people, hidden in swiss banks, can be recouped each village can have 100 crore rupees to develop itself.

I say, 'end of dynasty politics', because I see it as the root cause of India’s corruption. Corruption is not just about money. It starts with ‘favours’ and benefits in kind and once we get on that path from the top level of a dynasty Raj which by definition survives not on its own merit but by favouritism and additionally instilling fear in the populace, corruption is bound to take root in such a society and flourish further down to all levels. Thus dynasty politics at the top level is in my view the root cause of all corruption.

Just last Thursday the Times of India reported a Government minister Digvijay Singh replying to a question that the Government was now scared of Baba Ramdev, he said, “ If we were scared Ramdev would have been put behind bars, there is no fear that is why he is out in the open and there are discussions with him.”

Now you see what Digvijay is saying that without any grounds of criminality but simply if they were afraid of Swami Ramdev, perhaps to destabilise their Government, they will put him behind bars.

This is exactly what the problem is with the Indian democracy; it is not a full democracy, but rather it is tainted by an autocratic dynastic rule. If the dynasty gets threatened they put people behind bars. Does this not remind you of what is being unfolded in the Arab world at the moment?

A few months ago another MP Ninong Ering of this Government called Swami Ramdev a bloody Indian. People usually say that by reference to foreigners.  But this Government is calling Indians, and then our Swamis as bloody Indians, and what is alarming is that they are ready to put our Swamis in jail without a second thought. Even to speak of jail for a Swami is sacrilege and yet due to the fear instilled in society nobody dare speak against the Government. A few of our Swamis have actually suffered jail under this Government. Instead the Government and the foreign owned media promote people like the Monotheist Swami Agnivesh who has in fact turned the once great movement of AryaSamaj of looking after the society, eradicating the social ills of the last 1000 years, into now a form of an Arya Cult, which openly has started condemning Hindus as superstitious stone worshippers. Some of his followers distinguish themselves from Hindus by calling themselves now by the name Arya only. Of course this Arya Cult will die out but my point is about how the swami's confused monotheism is being promoted everywhere against the Vedic plurality of worship; this cult which appears to have the blessings of a group of dynastic ministers like Digvijay is, in a very systematic way, an attempt to create division, religious hatred and fear in the Hindu society. This core 'Digvijay group of half a dozen ministers', the inner circle of the party leader, have all the time in the world for Aginvesh but they are ready to put the Vedic Swamis in jail at first stroke, and unashamedly.

India has democracy but that is not due to Western wishes as we see elsewhere in the world. India’s varied people, customs, its culture, its Vedic precepts, its Sanatan Dharma of pluralism as against the imperialist monotheism, are all democratic ways of life. Yet India still holds onto this autocratic dynasty politics instilling a disguised form of fear in society and until that autocratic rule is done away with India can’t have true democracy. Of course democracy is the best system and when the Colonials left India they said that Hindus will fall apart in governance but Pakistan will do well. Yet India proved them wrong. Rather Pakistan has been an autocracy whereas India and its people cannot be anything else but democratic. But the problem is this final flaw of dynastic politics. Anna Hazare of the Lok Pal Bill last month said that our PM Shri Manmohan Singh is a very genuine man but the problem is with the remote control, meaning Sonia Gandhi, the PM’s party leader.

I would like to request Swami Ramdevji, through Sunita Poddarji, to perhaps add the 11th demand for ending dynasty politics for it being one of the root causes of all corruption. By all means the Nehru family can remain in politics but they should relinquish control both directly and through remote control.”

Baba Ramdev’s Fast against Corruption

Sunita Poddar made a speech saying that corruption is destroying the soul of India and Swami ji’s fast, which she is accompanying, is for the world wherever corruption is. She said corruption is the root cause of India’s poverty.

Arjun Sharma from Sewa International warned Digvijay not to be so proud as to challenge Swami Ramdev as many a proud Ravan’s and Kanss’s have fallen before him and the same fate will undoubtedly follow him.

Several other speakers, Sudarshan Bhatia, MadhavaTurumella, Kishor Ruperalia,  spoke on how we must all complete this Satyagrah and remember our Vedic culture which gives no room for any type of stealth activity. KrantiLal from Redbridge Interfaith said that he is frequently chided that why coming from an ancient and great culture, India today stands to be so corrupt?

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Further Developments at midnight in Delhi

Last night the police charged at the Satyagrahi’s asleep at the Ram Lila Ground just after midnight Delhi time and removed most of the devotees and Baba Ramdev by force. NDTV showed pictures of police using their Lathi’s on the young and old and women, it was a disgraceful site. People were not expecting violence and they tried to defend themselves by throwing a few small stones from the ground at the police but the police threw those back at the crowds. Then the police dispersed the crowd by tear gas. The injured were then taken away by ambulance. After a few hours of this senseless violence by police there still remained a few devotees, two women chanting Mantras refused to be moved, but the police were still trying to now negotiate with them to leave the grounds. A retired Naval Officer and a supporter said it was like a midnight massacre. The Government and the police should have welcomed a silent protest against corruption in a contained ground if they had any interests of the nation at heart and for its people, but their adversarial behaviour is a testament to their autocratic interest against democracy and this is ADHARMA.

In the Mahabharata battle there were rules of war, one of them being not to strike after sunset. These rules were observed at least 4,000 years ago and today we call ourselves more ‘civilised’. The Government’s and the Police action has been barbaric and CORRUPT.

NDTV reported Digvijay calling the Yogic Guru Baba Ramdev a THUG. This is the same Digvijay who said a few months ago to the Hindus and Sikhs at the Amritsar border after fleeing Taliban persecution in Pakistan to go back to Pakistan and follow the legal channels. Today on NDTV he has been saying that the protest was illegal in Delhi and so Baba Ramdev had to be removed. He does not understand the meaning of the word Protest and his party’s Government has violated India’s very culture let alone its constitution.

NDTV showed Baba Ramdev speaking this morning and he said women and children were dragged and beaten, there was a group of officers who tried to choke him to death by tightening his scarf around his neck and after escaping from them he started to walk out of the Maidan. He said that this was worse than Indira Gandhi’s emergency.


Anil Bhanot
05 June 2011



+2 #1 shivansh pandey 2011-06-05 11:54
our current goverment is clearly currupted. Its time for revolution, its time for change
+2 #2 Jaswinder sagoo 2011-06-05 17:14
Outrageous behaviour by the indian government. Really shameful. I am deeply sadned by the last nights events
+1 #3 manhar 2011-06-05 17:53
get a legal enforceable permit with protection.coun t all parliamentary representatives to listen to their constituents.ha ve central justices be made aware of goings on, involve media in other build a grass root milar to satyagrah talented people to speak first.let swamiji work in the background.reme mber french revolution,mada m DeFarge went sewing but monitered the whole situation.Plan also to take over Government in true election where your own trusted representative is elected.form a new party later to include genuine server of the people ,for the people and by the people.after election have a 'Marshall Plan' type developed well defined.If hick ups anywhere in proceeding occur have panchayati type of collective decision implemented.hav e a strong non corruptible police and Judicial systems in place also.You can be well prepared ,refer history and borrow ideas from other events in world history. good luck.jai hind.
+1 #4 Dr Dinesh Agarwal 2011-06-05 19:30
It was absolutely a deplorable action done by central government and shows how corrupt up to the hilt this government. Perhaps for them we are all Bloody Indians and I an sure they belong to the same stock or perhaps they have come from some other unknown PLANET.
+1 #5 DR SUDARSHAN KAPUR 2011-06-05 23:02
It came as a great shock and the present goverment is so
Iam sure their End Is coming they are all corrupt .and cowards attacking innocent people at night while they are sleeping.
This episode is worse than what I have been watching in the serial known as Jansi ki rani
Ican only pray to GOD for safety of all who are so much involved with Swamiji .Misson. and wisdom to central government..
+1 #6 Nitin Mehta 2011-06-06 14:27
The government needs to respect the wishes of millions of Indian's and agree to the demands of Swami Ramdev.
Nitin Mehta
+1 #7 Dr Sanjay Ahlawat 2011-06-07 10:43
The Indian public have made their wish known. They want the black money to be returned. What was done in the Ram Lila Grounds by Sheila Dixit and Manmohan Singh was shameful. It will however strengthen the resolve of the India masses. I feel Baba Ramdev will prevail.

Thank you Rita Trust for this update.