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India 800’s work showcased at House of Lords

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India 800’s work showcased at House of Lords

Lord Bhatia and Dr Krishna Sarda showcased their NGO India 800’s work over the last two years at the House of Lords illustrating how with the help of  Science and Technology they have been fast able to reach and help the most vulnerable and the poorest in India.

Lord Bhatia welcomed everyone and explained that there are actually two India’s working in parallel, one is the India of the 8% growth of 400m and the other is what he calls Bharat of the 800m people living on average at the much clichéd figure of a $ a day. At the request of his CEO, Dr Krishna Sarda, at EMF, the social justice NGO Lord Bhatia runs in the UK, they decided to explore the possibility of making a difference to the poorest of the poor in the world, anywhere, but as Lord Bhatia knew his old school friend from India Mr Harpal Singh who already was chairing several NGO’s in India and was politically well connected their natural choice to start their work was India. With India’s rising population the problem was one of scaling up to meet that challenge and the only way they could achieve that was with the help of innovative solutions provided by new Technologies. Thus a partnership with India Governments’ Council for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) was forged.

Dr Krishna Sarda went to the most deprived areas in India but armed with CSIR’s new technologies like Solar Power Lamps to replace the old Kerosene lamps, cheap Sanitary Towels for women from plant fibres, affordable DIY spectacles for the rural poor, solar Computers and £3 mobile phones for farmers and with medical solutions for leper colonies and so on. This year he ventured into the Mumbai’s red light district building a partnership with a Banking type NGO that helps the women to save so that they can escape that life style with sufficient savings. Krishna has distinguished the India 800 as an NGO that works in the harshest conditions, where in fact most of the 1.5m NGO’s of India would not venture into.

Richard Benyon MP from the Agriculture Ministry spoke how he was impressed with India 800’s record of bringing sustainability and self-sufficiency to the poor farmers within a short period of 18 months by providing superior organic seeds and the water harvesting technology and at a very affordable cost.

Virendra Sharma MP Co-chair of the British Indo All Party Parliamentary Group, Al’adin Meherali Chair of EMF expressed continued support from their organisations for India 800’s pioneering work.

Shri Harpal Singh Chair of India 800, gave an inspiring speech on the need to continue forging partnerships as the world gets smaller globally, his full speech can be heard in a YouTube video link on the UK Asian news site

Dr Krishna Sarda Co-founder and CEO of India 800 gave a comprehensive presentation highlighting the work of all the partners in India. At a political level he offered a model for the idea of ‘Inclusive Growth’, that in countries like India and Africa it is important to give a financial stake in progress to the poor and unsuspecting people upon whose land the multinationals go and thrive and that financial stake should be in terms of free shares in those companies.

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India 800’s partners were represented by

Mr Y P Kumar from CSIR, India Government Delhi

Dr Rajinder Jagdale from Pune SciTech University Park

Mrs Phoola Kaul from the Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped Mumbai

Dr Narayan Hegde from Baif Development for Research in Agriculture for a holistic approach

Mr PKM Swamy from TB Alert India

Ms Diane from Sangini working against exploitation and offering a way out of sex industry

The Sundarbans Tribal islands partner NGO, SSDC, was refused a Visa by the British High Commission citing that they cannot take the risk of their staying back in the UK, of course the High Commission officials’ judgement was based on their desperate poverty not their honesty. Yet I found these poor tribals most honest, sharing whatever little they had regardless of religion or creed and they are Hindu, Muslim and Christians, a people still untainted by the corruptions of our society.

In contrast if I may share a story which recently an Indian Army General – a credible source - related to me where a small NGO in Delhi last year applied for Government funding of Rs.2 Crore, (1 Crore = £150k), and a Home Minister C offered her Rs.12 Crore with the proviso that she returns Rs.10 Crore to his personal bank account. Of course she declined his offer. There is so much honesty in this world, so much truth and sharing of resources, yet sometimes a few people in control lack the wisdom to see their purpose in life. No prizes for guessing who will definitely get a visitors visa and those who won’t.

Perhaps I have gone too far but this is just a blog and on that note may I wish everyone a Happy Diwali, yes it is to remind us the triumph always of truth and honesty, but in everyday decisions may it help us to make our judgements in the Rita of  Shreya, the right direction in our present moment Karma's.


Happy Diwali 2011


Anil Bhanot
23 October 2011


#1 Sanjay Jagatia 2011-10-23 22:18
Excellent work done by India 800 - hope you go from strength to strength, Best wishes
#2 Sunil Kukreja 2011-10-23 22:42
Fantastic! Congratulations to all involved in the endeavor.
+1 #3 Simran Kaur 2011-10-24 05:12
Hi Anil Ji,
Thank you for the blog and presenting the excellent work of INDIA800.
#4 SWAMI PARSWARUPANAND 2011-10-24 06:35
Hari-Om! It is a nice and fascinating devotion towards the humanity through INDIA 800. I congratulate and wish assistance towards construction of Cancer Hospital in India for the poor on which the work is going on. Request to visit
#5 Richard Kamei 2011-10-24 06:54
A good read highlighting the overall work of India800 and its approach.