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Mantra Raag Hindu Prayers

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Mantra Raag Hindu PrayersA compilation of 16 tracks for a simple puja or easy listening of the Sanskrit Mantras with respective Deity Dhun's in Hindi.

1. Gayatri Mantra, to light a Jyoti, in Raag Bhairvi - 04.53
2. Kalash Puja, to create Holy Water or Charnamat, in Raag Shivranjani - 03.39
3. Ganesh Puja Mantras and Dhun in Raag Kalavati - 03.22
4. Navgrah – Rishis –Shani – Mangal – Puja Mantras in Raag Bagaishri - 02.39
5. Surya Namaskar – Ek Sad Rig Veda Mantra in Raag Malkauns - 01.43
6. Guru Mantras for Yogic Dhyan Meditation in Raag Yaman-Kalyan - 03.48
7. Maha Martunjya Mantra – Shiva Strotum Shloka – Dhun in Raag Darbari - 06.18
8. Matas Goddesses Mantras – Dhun - Durga Shloka in Raag Bhimplasi - 06.30
9. Rama Mantras – Ramayana Doha – Dhun in Raag Yaman - 04.29
10. Krishna Mantras – Dhun in Raag Bhairavi - 03.25
11. Meditation Upanishad Gita Mantras in Raag Piloo - 03.36
12. Wellbeing Vedic Mantras in Raag Darbari - 03.24
13. Prasad – Prosperity – Forgiveness Mantras, in Raag Vrindavani-Sarang - 02.06
14. Hanuman Chalisa in Raag Darbari - 08.58
15. Vishnu Mantra – Aarti Jai Jagdish – Twamevmata in Raag Bilaval - 07.54
16. Shanti Paat for Peace in Traditional - 01.09

Mantra Raag – Gayatri Mantra for lighting Jyoti or Candle

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mantra-1608-01The Gayatri Mantra is the supreme Vedic Mantra, also known as the Guru Mantra in Gayatri for it would be the first Mantra a Guru would teach a young disciple entering school (Guru-Kul from Sanskrit). The main Gayatri Mantra I am supplementing with another Revelation for lighting the Jyoti, Diya or Candle. This complete Gayatri Mantra can be recited at the start of a Puja when lighting a Jyoti or generally in any ceremony, and especially if lighting a lamp, even as for lighting Diya's or Candles at Diwali. This Gayatri Mantra is sung in Raag Bhairvi.

Mantra Raag – Ancient Sanskrit Mantras composed in traditional Raags

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Mantra Raag – Ancient Sanskrit Mantras composed in traditional RaagsOver the last couple of years I have been practising every couple of weeks with my colleagues Shumon Chakarborty on the Tabla and Sulekh Ruperell on the Harmonium to tune some of our ancient Mantra's in our traditional Raag styles. I selected the Mantra's from the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita and various Shastras. Sulekh who is a music teacher from Finchley helped to identify the Raga's to my singing styles for each Mantra and notated those Mantra's in the Raag sargam's. For instance the Gayatri Mantra being the most ancient supreme Vedic Mantra aligned to Raag Bhairavi which is also the oldest Raag, (Saam Veda of at least circa 4th Millennia BCE of the Saraswati Indus Civilisation period).