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Healthcare in Tribal Sunderbans Bengal

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Healthcare in Tribal Sunderbans BengalIndia 800 bringing new innovative solutions to help the India’s tribal areas in their health care projects in partnership with local NGO’s


In the tribal heartland of the Sunderban tiger forests in Bengal the health care facilities remain poor and are almost next to nothing. But NGO’s are helping to make great strides in spite of meagre Government help.

Tribal Schools in Bengal Sunderbans

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Tribal Schools in Bengal SunderbansTony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) visits some schools in the tribal heartland of Sunderban Islands in West Bengal where India 800 works to help the welfare of the people who get little help from the Indian Government

It’s a four hours’ drive and then a boat journey to the Sunderban islands from Kolkata. But it was all worth it as on arrival at a girls school on this Protima island we were greeted by cheerful children with Namaste’s and Salamalekam’s. Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s India Headmistress, Ms Simmi Kher, went with the India 800 team, Lord Bhatia, Dr Krishna Sarda, Simran Kaur and myself, to evaluate the possibility of exploring the more difficult areas like the tribal heartlands to see if they can help the children there to view some of their curriculum studies from the added dimension of their own faith.

Celebrating RE at the Zoroastrian Centre

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Celebrating RE at the Zoroastrian Centre HarrowReligious Education Council of England & Wales (REC) celebrated RE in schools on 24 March 2011 at the Zoroastrian Centre in Harrow

The Zoroastrian priests, Magi, performed their sacred fire litany, the Aatash Nyaaish, to worship their Creator Ahura Mazda. The priests cover their mouths with a white cloth so as to keep the litany, Aatash, pure while they chant stanzas, gathas, from their holy book Avesta. Fire is considered to be a sacred force that sustains life and is taken as a symbol of truth and righteousness (right living).