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The Cycle of Life

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The Cycle of Life

The Cycle of Life begins with learning and disciplining the mind; it revolves around working and experiencing the fruits of our desires and labours, while accumulating wealth and possessions on the way, which we cannot take away with us, except for what we may accrue as good Karma through donations and service to others.

The human need for security, Artha, may require an accumulation of wealth but unchecked it becomes a purposeless habit and so one ought to develop the good purpose-led habit of using any surpluses, however small, for the benefit of the other, beginning with family and friends but extending also to the strangers, for their welfare, unconditionally without seeking any reward in return, because however much we consider our worth to be to this world we earn it from nature and others only.

Rita: Renunciate As You Accumulate.


#1 Rita 2011-11-02 06:46
What does Renunciate as you accumulate mean?